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[texts]Phil's Top 200 Favorite Songs List - Phillip
My list
Keywords: Top 200
Downloads: 36
[movies]Solar System Spys Phillip - Phillip
Solar System Questions
Keywords: solar system; astronomy
Downloads: 134
[audio]Manteiv_Disc 1 [TWX007] - Phillip*
Phillip* brings you Manteiv. A double album of ambient textures, beautiful melodies and brilliant beats.
Keywords: Electronic; Ambient; IDM; Trip Hop; Phillip*
Downloads: 152
[movies]Coin Price Guide Canada - Phillip
To Know More Visit Us...:http://coinmart.ca/ We provides best options to the coin collectors, Coin Mart is pleased to offer a large selection of coins from around the world.
Keywords: Newfoundland coins; War of 1812 coins; Canadian coin prices
Downloads: 17
[audio]Manteiv_Disc 2 [TWX007] - Phillip*
Phillip* brings you Manteiv. A double album of ambient textures, beautiful melodies and brilliant beats.
Keywords: Electronic; Ambient; IDM; Trip Hop; Phillip*
Downloads: 115
[movies]FBI Agent Byron Sage ( 1) - Phillip LeConte
Former FBI Agent Byron Sage speaks to the Junior Police Department about his job with the Agency.
Keywords: JPA; Junior Police Department; FBI; Byron Sage; Phil LeConte; Kelly LeConte
Downloads: 1
[movies]Former FBI Agent Byron Sage - Phillip LeConte
Former FBI agent Byron Sage speaking with the Junior Police Academy
Keywords: JPA; Junior Police Academy; Byron Sage; Phil LeConte
Downloads: 1
[texts]Intern Support Letter - Phillip Oprie
A letter seeking support for the second year of my internship at New Life Community Church in Peoria, AZ.
Keywords: intern; support; financial; prayer; letter
Downloads: 37
[audio]Salesmen audio tracks - Phillip Stark
Keywords: salesmen
Downloads: 13
[audio]How to Take an Online Workshop - Phillip Lund
Audio track for a presentation on "How to Take an Online Workshop"
Keywords: Leadership; How To; Unitarian Universalism
Downloads: 9
[texts]Dragon pink on old white - Bonosky, Phillip

Downloads: 14
[movies]Bobby Duval - Phillip LeConte
Bobby Duval 
Keywords: Bobby Duval
Downloads: 9
[image]Phillip_Quin_Sketches002 - Phillip Quin
Some sketches by Phillip Quin
Keywords: pencil sketch
Downloads: 9
[movies]Restaurant Botin - Phillip Stark
Video Profile Of The Oldest Restaurant In The World
Keywords: Spanish restaurantes; oldest restaurant; spain; madrid
Downloads: 210
[audio]Depressed State/Kensington Gardens - Double A-Side Single - Phillip Dlugoss
The Second Single from Phillip Dlugoss's Third Album, 'Chaos Happy'. This is a Double A-Side Single. Click Here For The Cover: http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t299/morrisphilco/DPKG.jpg
Keywords: Phillip; Dlugoss; Ben; Cloutier; Depressed; State; Kensington; Gardens; Next; New; Nerd; Records; Chaos; Happy; Electronic; Pop; Depeche; Mode
Downloads: 6
[audio]The Omniscience of God - Phillip Dancy
2009 Deep South Regional Founders Conference The Omniscience of God
Keywords: 2009 Deep South Regional Founders Conference; Nature of God; Omnipotence of God; Holiness of God; Love of God; Omniscience of God; Phillip Dancy
Downloads: 40
[texts]Comments on a-maximization from gauged supergravity - Phillip Szepietowski
In this paper we study the holographic dual to a-maximization in five-dimensional N = 2 gauged supergravity. In particular, we apply the procedure described by Tachikawa to specific examples consisting of holographic duals to gauge theories arising as the IR limit of N M5-branes wrapping a Riemann surface. A key element of this analysis is a consistent truncation of seven-dimensional N = 4 SO(5) gauged supergravity reduced on a Riemann surface...
Downloads: 2
[texts]On a dynamic adaptation of the Distribution Builder approach to investment decisions - Phillip Monin
Sharpe et al. proposed the idea of having an expected utility maximizer choose a probability distribution for future wealth as an input to her investment problem instead of a utility function. They developed a computer program, called The Distribution Builder, as one way to elicit such a distribution. In a single-period model, they then showed how this desired distribution for terminal wealth can be used to infer the investor's risk preferences...
Downloads: 2
[software]Eamon Utilities - Moore, Phillip
Eamon Utilities (1996-02-28)(Moore, Phillip)
Downloads: 4
[texts]The image separation-source redshift relation for gravitational lenses as a cosmological test - Phillip Helbig
Recently, Park & Gott claimed that there is a statistically significant, strong, negative correlation between the image separation and source redshift for gravitational lenses. This is somewhat puzzling if one believes in a flat (k = 0) universe, since in this case the typical image separation is expected to be independent of the source redshift, while one expects a negative correlation in a k = -1 universe and a positive one in a k = +1 universe...
Downloads: 1
[texts]The Golden book picture atlas of the world : in six volumes (Volume 5) - Bacon, Phillip
"Illustrated with more than 1,000 color photographs and maps."
Keywords: Geography
Downloads: 63
[audio]The PhiLL(er) Podcast #2 - Phillip Ramey
Show #2 of The PhiLL(er) Podcast - July 2, 2005 Show notes available at: http://www.thephiller.com/podcast
Keywords: the interiors; ethan daniel davidson; coulier; the.story.of; the apparitions; lord grunge; grand buffet; narrator
Downloads: 891
[audio]The PhiLL(er) Podcast #1 - Phillip Ramey
The first podcast from The PhiLL(er). Features seven songs from independent artists.
Keywords: kieskagato; andi camp; the race; maseratie; trs-80; man; these arms are snakes
Downloads: 946
[audio]The PhiLL(er) Podcast Interview with De Novo Dahl - Phillip Ramey
Interview with Joey Andrews, drummer for six-piece Nashville band De Novo Dahl
Keywords: de novo dahl; interview; nashville; band; the philler
Downloads: 850
[movies]Chief Chad Pusey - Phillip LeConte
Chief Chad Pusey speaks about his job as a Junior Police Academy instructor and a Police Chief
Keywords: JPA; Junior Police Academy; Chief Chad Pusey; Phillip LeConte
Downloads: 3
[movies]Mother Of Cadet - Phillip LeConte
Becky Moon, mother of Cadet Connor Smith tells us that the Junior Police Academy is the class that he most looked forward to.  It steered him in a positive way.  She also stated that Cadet Smith is thinking about being a police officer and the class has helped him understand some of the procedures that are used by law enforcement.
Keywords: JPA; Junior Police Academy; Phillip LeConte; Kelly LeConte; Connor Smith; Becky Moon; Murchison Middle School
Downloads: 4
[texts]Is there a flatness problem in classical cosmology? - Phillip Helbig
I briefly review the flatness problem within the context of classical cosmology and examine some of the debate in the literature with regard to its definition and even the question whether it exists. I then present some new calculations for cosmological models which will collapse in the future; together with previous work by others for models which will expand forever, this allows one to examine the flatness problem quantitatively for all cosmological models...
Downloads: 2
[texts]Chief Tom Clemons - Phillip LeConte
Chief Tom Clemons from the Seward, Alaska Police Department speaks to the Junior Police Academy class at Murchison Middle School in Austin, Texas.
Keywords: JPA; Junior Police Academy; Chief Tom Clemons; Murchison Middle School
Downloads: 2
[texts]Radical subgroups of locally compact, totally disconnected groups - Phillip Wesolek
We observe a correspondence between collections of closed subgroups and normal subgroups in locally compact, totally disconnected groups. This correspondence is first applied to prove structure theorems for two classes of locally compact, totally disconnected, and second countable groups: the class of such groups with an open, solvable subgroup and the class of such groups with a compact, open, and pro-nilpotent subgroup...
Downloads: 5
[movies]Chaplain Tim Klerekoper - Phillip LeConte
Chaplain Tim Klerekoper shares his experiences as a police chaplain with the King County Sheriff's Dept.
Keywords: Police Chaplain Project, Chaplain Tim Klerekoper, Phillip LeConte; Police Chaplain; Phil LeConte
Downloads: 4
[texts]The Golden book picture atlas of the world : in six volumes (Volume 3) - Bacon, Phillip
"Illustrated with more than 1,000 color photographs and maps."
Keywords: Geography
Downloads: 32
[texts]Semileptonic $B_s$ decays at Belle, Babar, and D0 - Phillip Urquijo
Studies of semileptonic $B_s$ decays by the Belle, Babar and D0 experiments are reported. In particular measurements of inclusive semileptonic $B_s$ decays by Belle and Babar and the exclusive excited charm mode $B_s \to D_{s1} \mu \nu$ from D0 are presented. An outlook on further semileptonic $B_s$ measurements with $\Upsilon(5S)$ data at Belle and Belle II is also given.
Downloads: 9
[image]Judge Earle and the Cadets - Phillip LeConte
Junior Police Academy cadets join Judge Earle
Keywords: Junior Police Academy; Judge Elizabeth Earle
Downloads: 3
[movies]Beyond the Filter - Phillip Gara
This is a documentary about global media on the Internet. The focus is on how new media initiatives associated with The Berkman Center of Internet and Society at Harvard Law School are using the Internet to enhance networks and discourses of global-interest media. In providing a platform that is open to innovative forms of communication, the Internet is a significant breakthrough in the ways that cultures are understood and experienced...
Keywords: The Berkman Center; The Watson Institute; The Global Media Project; Orange Scissor Productions; Global-Interest Media; The Public Radio Exchange; Global Voices; The Citizen Lab; The Open Net Initiative; Radio Open Source; Project H2O; The Jamaica Project; Internet Filtering; Creative Commons; Journalistic Freedom
Downloads: 156
[audio]Indefined - Episode #1 - Phillip Ferrier
The First Episode of the Podcast, Indefined. Created by Phillip Ferrier, a communications major at the University of Michigan - Flint.
Keywords: Indie; music; blog; podcast; The Hard Lessons; Grizzly Bear; Edward Sharpe
Downloads: 4
[audio]The PhiLL(er) Podcast #3 - Phillip Ramey
Show #3 of The PhiLL(er) Podcast. This episode features the music of Linda Draper, Audra Kubat, The Shins, So Many Dynamos, and Quiet, Lovely
Keywords: linda draper; audra kubat; the shins; so many dynamos; quiet lovely; indie rock
Downloads: 897
[audio]4-19-09 sermon - Phillip Presley
4-19-09 Sermon by Phillip Presley at The Bridge at Valley Church, Athens, Al.
Keywords: God; Loves; You; Bridge; Vally; Phillip; Presley; Sermon
Downloads: 34
[texts]Semileptonic $B_s$ decay measurements at LHCb - Phillip Urquijo
I discuss the first semileptonic $B_s$ decay measurements performed at LHCb, and the prospects for precise studies of $B_s$ semileptonic decay properties. The analyses covered here are based on data collected with the LHCb detector in proton-proton collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 7 TeV. In particular the semileptonic decays $\Bs\to D_s^+ X \munu$ and $\Bs\to D^0K^+ X \munu$ are studied. Two structures are observed in the $D^0K^+$ mass spectrum at masses consistent with the known $D_{s1}...
Downloads: 5
[texts]A Lesson For Everyone - Marin, Phillip
The story of interactions between the Cloud People and the starving animals below. Suggested Level: LP (Lower Primary)
Keywords: LIT; LIT.LP; LP; C3; Picture Books; Animal Main Character; Cloud People; Sharing
Downloads: 32
[texts]Egg-Weight as a Criterion of Numerical Production in the Domestic Fowl (Volume 53) - Hadley, Phillip
"Egg-Weight as a Criterion of Numerical Production in the Domestic Fowl" is an article from The American Naturalist, Volume 53. View more articles from The American Naturalist.View this article on JSTOR.View this article's JSTOR metadata.You may also retrieve all of this items metadata in JSON at the following URL: https://archive.org/metadata/jstor-2456181
Downloads: 11
[audio]sermon 5-3-09 - phillip presley
Phillip Presley sermon fro The bridge at Valley Church on 5-3-09. This is the day after the Soulstock concert.
Keywords: Valley; sermon; bridge; phillip; presley; soulstock
Downloads: 39
[image]LIGHTNING AND THUNDER Didjeridu Dreamtime volume 2 - Phillip Peris

Downloads: 10
[movies]Chaplain Calvin Gray - Phillip LeConte
Chaplain Calvin Gray discusses his years as a Police Chaplain
Keywords: Chaplain Calvin Gray; Police Chaplain Project
Downloads: 4
[texts]Reversible addition circuit using one ancillary bit with application to quantum computing - Phillip Kaye
Most of the work on implementing arithmetic on a quantum computer has borrowed from results in classical reversible computing (e.g. [VBE95], [BBF02], [DKR04]). These quantum networks are inherently classical, as they can be implemented with only the Toffoli gate. Draper [D00] has proposed an inherently "quantum" network for addition based on the quantum Fourier transform. His approach has the advantage that it requires no carry qubits (the previous approaches required O(n) carry qubits)...
Downloads: 27
[audio]Online Workshop SlideCast - Phillip Lund
Edited audio track for a slidecast on "How to Take an Online Workshop."
Keywords: Leadership; Online Learning
Downloads: 34
[texts]Cooling algorithms based on the 3-bit majority - Phillip Kaye
Algorithmic cooling is a potentially important technique for making scalable NMR quantum computation feasible in practice. Given the constraints imposed by this approach to quantum computing, the most likely cooling algorithms to be practicable are those based on simple reversible polarization compression (RPC) operations acting locally on small numbers of bits. Several different algorithms using 2- and 3-bit RPC operations have appeared in the literature, and these are the algorithms I consider...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Compucare Brochure 2 - Phillip Dumont
1st Compucare specialise in providing businesses with sanitation of their desktop computers, IT equipment, telephones and data centre environments. Services are available for businesses nationwide, providing the scale of operations is sufficient. Please visit our web site or call 020 8989 1700 for a free quotation and demonstration.
Keywords: computer cleaning; pc cleaning service; computer cleaning; cleaning service; telephone cleaning; data centre cleaning; server room cleaning
Downloads: 20
[texts]Constraints in the lambda_0-Omega_0 plane from gravitational lensing - Phillip Helbig
I review simultaneous constraints on the cosmological parameters lambda_0 and Omega_0 from gravitational lensing. The emphasis is on systematic extragalactic surveys for strong gravitational lenses, mainly the largest and best-defined such survey, JVAS/CLASS.
Downloads: 4
[texts]The Golden book picture atlas of the world (Volume Book 6) - Bacon, Phillip
--book 1. North America, by P. Bacon.--book 2. South America, by M. Bevans.--book 3. Europe and the U.S.S.R., by H.H. Collins, Jr.--book 4. Asia, by D.W. Furman.--book 5. Africa, by N. Lobsenz.--book 6. Australia, Oceania, and the polar lands
Keywords: Geography
Downloads: 38
[movies]Botin - Phillip Stark
Oldest Restaurant in the world
Keywords: spanish restaurant
Downloads: 101
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